Today THE SUCCESS in business depends on the ability to make and retain strong bonds with clients and employees from different countries and cultures.

THE HIGH QUALITY of our translation services will enable you to expand into new international markets with the knowledge that the message you are trying to convey will be delivered accurately and faithfully.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY COMMISSION FOR OUR TRANSLATION AGENCY. With us you pay for a quality translation. You do not pay for our advertisement or offices at a prestigious address. You get a perfect service directly from our professional translators and interpreters.

  • We charge no extras for expertise
  • We care not only about linguistic correctness, but also about professional accuracy
  • We offer proofreading by native speakers
  • We can prepare translations for print
  • We excel at express delivery
  • We are experts at monitoring very extensive projects
  • We deliver the translation in any format
  • We can obtain court verification for any translation
  • We maintain terminological unity
  • Our translations include also graphic design and print
  • We can deliver the order to you by any means you specify

Our translation services

Every day we fulfil all your professional translation needs.
Our team will make translations for you in English, German, Slovak, Polish, Russian and Hungarian.
We will be happy to provide translation also to other languages, as part of a comprehensive service.

Legal translations

The translation of legal texts requires great translation expertise. A mistake in the translation may ultimately result in the alternation of the legal meaning of the text. This is why the quality of translation is one of the foundations of success in legal proceedings. We translate from different areas of law, most often commercial, civil and labour law.

  • Translation of contracts
  • Translation of  laws
  • Translation of  directives
  • Translation of decrees
  • Translation of  court verdicts
  • Translation of  financial statements

Professional translations

Experience – our many years of practice in the field have given us perfect knowledge of our clients’ needs. Professionalism – Correct grammar and style of our professional translations are ensured by our native speakers.


  • construction
  • energy
  • waste management
  • gas industry
  • chemical engineering
  • the rubber and plastic industries
  • petroleum products
  • the cosmetics industry
  • translation of tender documents

  • banking
  • international trade
  • finances
  • stock and commodity markets
  • management
  • press releases
  • accounting
  • human resources
  • translation of annual reports

Official (court) translations

(Verified translations/court translations/official translations/translations with a seal) are translations designed mainly for state institutions and bodies in the Czech Republic and abroad. We will bind the original or notarized copy of your document with the translation made by a court-appointed translator and complete it with the affidavit and seal. We also provide notarized verification.

Interpreting services

Consecutive (subsequent) interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is one of the most desired types of interpreting services. During this interpretation sections or individual sentences of the speech are interpreted into a foreign language one section at a time.

Simultaneous (conference, cabin) interpretation

During simultaneous interpretation the interpreter speaks concurrently with the speaker and translates the speech into a foreign language. Simultaneous interpretation is mainly used for interpreting to a large number of people who participate in an event.
During conference simultaneous interpretation the interpreter sits in an interpreting booth and speaks at the same time as the speaker. His interpretation is conveyed to the participant by means of modern interpreting systems. Usually two of our translators are present who alternate during the interpretation.

Courtroom interpretation

We provide interpretation with a court affidavit to businesses and citizens especially for their proceedings before authorities; this is why courtroom interpretation is sometimes called official interpretation or interpretation with verification.
In the Czech Republic a court-appointed interpreter must be registered with a competent regional court and is awarded a special authorization to perform this practice. The interpreter confirms the official nature of the interpretation by affixing a circular stamp. The interpretation thus meets the requirements of state authorities of the Czech Republic for the purposes of specified official acts.

We are communicative and flexible, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work efficiently, we won’t shun new opportunities.

Use of the CAT tool

• By default we use the following CAT tools: Trados 2009, SDLX, Wordfast and Transit.

The possibility of using other CAT tools depends on the required language combination and we will gladly find out the availability upon request.